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Buy Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushroom) Grow Kits Online. Online retailer of Psilocybe Cubensis grow kits. Sale of Magic Mushroom cultivation kits. The Psilocybe cubensis Grow Kits make cultivation a breeze. These kits are entirely maintenance-free since the substrate is fully colonized and contains no fillers. High concentrations of psilocin need little effort to induce the initial flush. Buy Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushroom) Grow Kits Online

  • Fast growing: 1 week to first pins
  • High yields: Up to 4 flushes. (in ideal conditions)
  • High Potency: According the supplier the XP (Extra Potent) strains are twice as potent!

The Psilocybe Cubensis Grow Kit has:

  • One box with a colonized substrate (NO additional spores required).
  • One bag with an air filter.
  • 2 paperclips.
    The only other point you need is sterilised water or a cold water faucet.

Start the growkit.

Always work extremely sterilized or else you will pollute your expand set!!!

Image 1/ step 1).

  • Break off the tab from the box and also open one corner of the cover.
  • Carefully fill out the box with water. Some bits could drift out, yet this is not a problem.
  • Make sure that the substratum is completely undersea. Close the lid as well as let it stand for 12 hrs.

Image 2/ step 2).

  • After 12 hrs open one edge of the lid again and pour out the excess water. It’s very important that all loose water runs off or you will certainly run the risk of shedding your package to contamination!

Picture 3/ action 3).

  • Eliminate the full cover and also placed package guaranteed.
  • Put the grow kit without the lid inside the plastic bag and also shut the bag by folding the top, you can secure this with the 2 paperclips.
  • Do not throw out the lid. Clean it, completely dry it and maintain it in a tidy (clean and sterile) area for additional usage.
  • Place the expand package in a cozy area (20-25ºC) where it gets some indirect light. Do not place it in the complete sunlight or in addition to a radiator.

Keep the bag shut do not interfere with the kit and also within 7-10 days the first psilocybe mushrooms will certainly appear. These will certainly develop in regarding a week.

Collect the grow set.

Constantly job very sterile or else you will certainly pollute your kit!!!. Mushrooms grow in supposed ‘flushes’. After each flush, you can gather the cubensis mushroom expand set.

Photo 4 and also 5/ step 4).

The relevant phases of mushroom collection are shown in figure 5.
Early selection will result in a lesser return. Choosing far too late will undoubtedly result in dark, spore-covered mushrooms (see image).

Occasionally one or two mushrooms may grow quicker than the others; harvest them and leave the others to develop. Typically, though, you must harvest a flush of mushrooms all at once by hand, before the giant mushrooms open their caps. Remove the smaller ones as well (job really sterile once more).

Typically, a few mushrooms grow between the substrate and the edges of the box. Unless they are enormous, they should be left alone. Do not engage in subterranean excavation to collect them! The surface of the substrate, the box, and the bag may turn black/purple. It indicates you contaminated the box, since these are mushroom spores; this often occurs when the mushrooms are harvested (as well) late, or when you did not adequately sterilize the work. It will also turn green or purple after all flushes have occurred and it is time to dispose of your kit.

Preserve the grow kit.

Always operate in a sanitary manner, otherwise you may contaminate the package!! Immediately upon collection, the kit must be drenched in preparation for the NEXT flush of cubensis mushrooms. Ensure that the substrate is clean (no sign of mushrooms left). Replace the lid, open one side of the cover, and repeat step 1/ image 1 by refilling the container with water. As long as the set does not become green, purple, or black, the harvesting and soaking operation may be repeated. The average duration between harvests is nine to ten days.

Expect the set to generate at least four flushes. When a growkit is worn out or contaminated, it should be discarded quickly to prevent contamination of other growkits.

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