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Buy PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores online. The PES Hawaii mushroom strain is a very easy grower and is recommended to all beginning mycologists/scientists. The PES Hawaii mushrooms are large and the hats, broad and wide with a deep copper color.

Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms do not natively grow on the Islands of Hawaii. The PES Hawaii was first sold by a company (PES) that was located on Hawaii, hence the name.


Buy PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores online.

Buy PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores online. PES Hawaii 20cc magic mushroom spore syringes are produced under sterile conditions and should be kept dark and refrigerated (2-8°C) to increase the shelf life of the cubensis spores. PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores for sale.


  • 1x 20cc PES Hawaii spore solution in a 20ml syringe
  • 1x sterile needle
  • 4x Alco prep

How to use the PES Hawaii spore syringe

The PES Hawaii spore solution is contained inside the syringe by a luer lock stopper at the needle end. With this luer lock stopper installed, the PES Hawaii spore syringe is easy to travel and store. Buy PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores online.

Ensure that you work as cleanly as possible. Use a face mask, sterile gloves, and/or hand disinfectant. Hold the PES Hawaii spore syringe with the luer lock stopper pointed upwards in front of you. Remove the stopper from the luer lock by unscrewing it anti-clockwise. Remove the needle from the sterilised container and screw it onto the spore syringe for PES Hawaii. Shake the spore syringe vigorously for 10 seconds before to removing the needle’s protective cap. Buy PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores online.

To proceed from here, there are several methods to choose from:

Dropping the spore solution onto the substrate

After preparing your own substrate or cakes, you may immediately inject the PES Hawaii spore solution from the syringe onto them. Slowly depress the plunger so that drips of spore solution emerge from the needle. Every drop that contacts the substrate will serve as a possible mycelium growth site, so uniformly distribute these droplets around the substrate to populate it with mycelium.

How many cakes can you make with spore syringe?

One 20cc spore syringe can easily colonize 6 liters / 13 pints of substrate.

Injection through injection ports

This is much the same as dumping the spore solution onto the substrate. To open the injection port, pull the port protective cap backwards. To sanitise the injection port entrance, use an alco prep. With the needle, pierce the hole. Now, evenly distribute the spore solution around the substrate inside the spawn bag or grow box. After injecting the PES Hawaii spore solution, remove the syringe and insert the port protective cover into the injection port.

Study spores and research using a microscope

From a scientific standpoint, all Psilocybe cubensis are identical. However, they vary somewhat in appearance and fruiting rate (phenotype). There are various distinct phenotypes of Psilocybe cubensis. These several cubensis are not subspecies, but rather distinct strains. The PES Hawaii is a Psilocybe cubensis strain. Buy PES Hawaii cubensis Mushroom Spores online.

The phenotypic distinctions are visible to the human eye, but the actual beauty lies beneath the microscope. The marvellous world of spores. Many of our clients are scientists or amateurs doing study in home-made laboratories on these distinctions. After preparing a microscope slide, place a little amount of the PES Hawaii spore solution on it. Cover the specimen with a covering glass for a microscope. 1000x or greater is the optimal magnification for Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus cyanescens spore investigation.

How to store a spore syringe

The PES Hawaii spore syringe should be stored refrigerated in a temperature between 2°C – 8°C or 35°F – 46°F. The shelf life of the spore syringe is at least 12 months after they leave our warehouse.

What are Hawaiian PES mushrooms?

The Hawaiian PES is know to be a fast fruiter that will grow medium to big mushrooms with meaty stems. Unlike the name the Hawaiian PES is not a mushroom indigenous in Hawaii, but it comes from Pacific Exotica Spora company in Hawaii.

What is a Hawaiian cubensis mushroom?

The Hawaiian Cubensis is a very beautiful, stalky, picture perfect mushroom that would be a great candidate for a textbook image of Psilocybe Cubensis. It is not an extremely tall mushroom but it does have one of the wider caps in the species. Stalk is of medium thickness but fruits are more dense than average.

Is This Hawaiian PES cubensis or pan cyan?

Hawaiian PES is NOT Pan Cyan! This is a standard cubensis. Pan Cyan is known to be 5 times stronger than this. Please don’t mix this up. Pan cyans have the nickname of Hawaiians, but they are not Hawaiian PES Cubensis.

How do I use the Hawaiian PES spore vial?

The Hawaiian PES spore vial includes the following: Make sure that your working area is clean, disinfect your hands or use sterile gloves. Take the Hawaiian PES Spore Vial from the package and shake it to mix the spores with the solution. Remove the cap from the spore vial to expose the membrane. Open one alcohol swab and wipe the top of the vial.
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