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Order Penis Envy magic mushrooms online. Penis Envy is one of the most rare and sought after Psilocybe Cubensis amongst hardcore psychonauts. Its name describes it’s physical form; thick shaft and a bulbous head that doesn’t quite spread wide open.

The Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms are known to be one of the strongest and hard hitting. Expect deep shamanic experiences, vision quests and an intense mystical experience. Not recommended for first time users. This strain is special and expect a transformative experience.

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Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online

Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online. Penis Envy is one of the rarest and most desirable Psilocybe Cubensis strains among hard-core psychonauts. Its name fits its physical appearance: a thick shaft and a head that is not fully expanded. The Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms is renowned for being one of the most potent and powerful.

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms for sale

Expect strong shamanic experiences, vision quests and an intense spiritual experience. Not advised for first-time users. This strain is exceptional; anticipate a life-altering event. Purchase the highest quality Penis Envy Mushrooms in Canada. Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online.

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Order Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Online

Order Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online. Penis Envy is one of the rarest and most desirable Psilocybe Cubensis strains among hard-core psychonauts. Its name fits its physical appearance: a thick shaft and a head that is not fully expanded. Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online.

The Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms is renowned for being one of the most potent and powerful. Mycologists believe that this strain’s sluggish development provides more time for psilocybin generation due to the enormous yields of big fruits.

With penis mushroom, you may anticipate profound shamanic experiences, vision quests, and strong spiritual encounters. Not advised for first-time users. This strain is exceptional; anticipate a life-altering event. After 10 to 30 minutes of taking Penis Envy mushrooms, your mood will become euphoric and energizing. Depending on dose, visual improvements might range from minor to strong.

Things may seem to be breathing, the surrounding environment will feel more alive, and you may find yourself introspecting. Music and art will seem and feel differently, and you will have a greater appreciation for them and may connect to them on a more personal level. The usual museum dosage (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should give 3-6 hours of trip duration.

Penis Envy mushrooms Specs:

Potency Very Potent
Cultivation Intermediate
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Substrate Recommendation Rye Grain
Cost $$
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Penis Envy cubensis is regarded as one of the world’s most potent mushrooms in terms of psychoactive potential, in addition to being one of the most infamous and extensively eaten and produced magic mushroom strains among mushroom lovers. It produces up to 50 percent more psilocybin than the vast majority of other Psilocybe cubensis strains. Due to its intense, deep, and effective effects, Penis Envy is only suggested for expert and seasoned users of magic mushrooms.

In addition to its top-tier reputation and tremendous potency, Penis Envy cubensis is renowned for its penis-like form and look (as the name so aptly suggests). True genetics indicate that it has a large, dense, and bulbous stem with a relatively undeveloped crown that only rarely splits from the stem. Its fruits are normally shorter and more thick, and they may be rather enormous.

The origins of the Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms have been the subject of several legends, hypotheses, and anecdotes, making for a highly intriguing history. Terence McKenna, a legendary mycologist and well-known author, speaker, and botanist on psychoactive plants and fungi, is believed to have isolated the strain from Amazonian P. cubensis (another popular strain of magic mushrooms) in order to create Penis Envy. However, no one knows its true origin story or how and where it originated.

Since Mckenna’s first isolation, a number of Penis Envy variants have been developed. These variants include the Albino Penis Envy and the Uncut Penis Envy. Penis Envy cubensis, comprising all of its variants, has distinguishing traits that set it from from other Psilocybe cubensis strains. Not to mention its superior potency and enhanced strength, which place this potent psychedelic light years ahead of its magic mushroom predecessors.


As one of the world’s most potent and strong magic mushroom strains in terms of psychoactive potential, Penis Envy produces an intense and deep psychedelic experience. In the psychedelic world, it is known to induce a very immersive psychedelic experience characterized by great pleasure and ecstatic discovery, profound philosophical notions, incredible mental clarity, immense joy, and exceptional perspective on personal difficulties. Additionally, it is known to induce sensations of satisfaction and relaxation in certain people.


Like many other magic mushroom species and strains, Penis Envy cubensis can be consumed in various ways. Here are 5 ways to consume Penis Envy magic mushrooms:

Chew and swallow

One of the most common methods to take Penis Envy is by completely chewing it, letting all of the fluids to escape, and then swallowing it. It takes roughly 45 minutes for the benefits of Penis Envy to set in when taken in this manner, although it is greatly depending on your stomach content – the less you eat beforehand, the better!. Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online.

Psilocybin edibles

Consuming Penis Envy magic mushrooms in the form of psilocybin edibles and mixing it into food is a fantastic technique to remove the “horrible” taste and sense of nausea that many magic mushroom users suffer while chewing it. To avoid a subpar trip or psychedelic experience, it is crucial not to add the magic mushrooms at any stage of cooking. For the finest outcome and psychedelic experience and voyage, you should instead add them to toppings and sauces after all cooking processes have been finished.

Enjoy it as a cup of tea

This robust and intense psychedelic may also be consumed as a tea, which is an excellent method. Drinking magic mushroom tea, as opposed to ingesting dry mushrooms in their whole, has quickly become the preferred mode of ingestion and is highly recommended. If you have ever used psilocybin mushrooms, you are aware of their unpleasant flavor. In fact, some individuals find it difficult to ingest psilocybin mushrooms because their gag reflex activates practically immediately. Many find that drinking psilocybin mushroom tea is considerably more enjoyable than chewing dry mushrooms and is also easy on the stomach.

Here are the basic steps for brewing your Penis Envy mushroom tea:

    •    Start by chopping or crushing the Penis Envy magic mushrooms
•    When they are properly chopped/crushed, place them in the teapot
•    Once your water is done boiling, pour it over the mushrooms in the teapot
•    Let it sit for approximately 10 – 15 minutes, only stirring it occasionally
•    Finally its time to strain, serve, customize, and enjoy your Penis Envy magic mushroom tea


One of the primary advantages of consuming Penis Envy mushrooms in capsule form is that you have the choice to microdose. In turn, this enables you to go on a fantastic, deep psychedelic adventure and experience absolute clarity without wasting a whole day. Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online.

Lemon Tek to intensify the trip

Did you realize that some plants may enhance your psychedelic experience? These “herbal allies” may be used to generate euphoria, relax nerves, or just enhance your psychedelic experience, resulting in a more deep psychedelic excursion. One of these hallucinogens is Lemon Tek! Those who have previously taken Lemon Tek assert that the acidic quality of the lemon breaks down the psilocybin, hence intensifying the psychedelic experience.

It is advised that while utilizing Lemon Tek to enhance and deepen your psychedelic experience, you begin with half the quantity of mushrooms you would typically consume. Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online.

Here is a simple method you can follow:
    •    Ground Penis Envy magic mushrooms with lemon juice in a short glass
•    Leave it to sit
•    Add water
•    Down it all in one go!


Despite the fact that psilocybin mushrooms are well-known for their potent psychedelic effects, few people are aware that they also provide a number of substantial advantages. Numerous magic mushroom strains, including Penis Envy cubensis, have found to be particularly beneficial in controlling and treating a variety of mental health, psychiatric, and behavioral diseases, including as depression and anxiety.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most explored psilocybin indications. In fact, the FDA has designated psilocybin therapy as a “breakthrough therapy” (a review fast track) for the treatment of depression. Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Supernatural Mushrooms

In order to profit from the usage of magic mushrooms such as Penis Envy to treat mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, it is often believed that the user must experience a psychedelic trip. That just is not the case. As microdosing requires consuming a very little quantity of a psychoactive drug, the chemical’s hallucinogenic impact is nearly unnoticeable and much too low to provide notable intoxication effects. Without inducing a psychedelic state, microdosing psilocybin mushrooms may boost brain activity and assist in the treatment of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

How precisely can microdosing magic mushrooms help cure and manage mental health conditions? The principal hallucinogenic component of psilocybin mushrooms may improve neural connections by triggering brain receptors. This enhanced neural connection inside the brain may be the key to mending both psychological and physical trauma, according to study. Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Supernatural Mushrooms

In addition, neurobiology and several scientific research indicate that psilocybin interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain to cause a variety of consciousness-altering effects. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates your mood, happiness, and anxiety. Low serotonin levels are often connected with elevated levels of sadness, stress, and anxiety. By raising your serotonin levels, your mood will improve and you will feel less anxious.

As mental health is such an important aspect of an individual’s overall health and well-being, fresh research and scientific studies are being undertaken on psilocybin mushrooms and their capacity to successfully manage and treat a variety of mental health disorders. This suggests that, in addition to the previously encouraging research and findings, there may be even more fantastic discoveries on the horizon and, therefore, a very bright future for mental health and magic mushrooms. Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Supernatural Mushrooms

In addition to treating melancholy and anxiety, magic mushrooms provide other mental and physical health advantages. Among the health advantages of magic mushrooms are:

  •         Assists in the management of addiction & addictive behaviours
  •     Potential improvements in brain functioning
  •     Alleviates symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  •     Enhances creativity & creative thinking
  •     Enhanced “openness” and other beneficial shifts in personality
  •     Significant spiritual benefits; heighten spiritual awareness and enhanced senses
  •     Enhanced personal growth
  •     Aids in the management of Cancer-related symptoms
  •     Improved focus, concentration, and mindfulness
  •     Improved energy, wakefulness, and stimulation
  •     Cognitive benefits, such as enhanced problem solving
  •     Social benefits
  •     Reduced symptoms, such as stress
  •     Improved relational skills
  •     Improved mood, optimism, and life appreciation
  •     Improved body functioning
  •     Self-efficacy, including improved ambition, productivity, and motivation


0.3 Gram of PE is equivalent to 1 Gram. “Penis Envy is predictably strong, yet unpredictable in where it takes you”. Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms.

How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

If you’re wondering how to grow Penis Envy Mushrooms, you’ve come to the right place. Do not be discouraged by a lack of knowledge. We will explain all you need to know to cultivate these renowned fungus successfully. Continue reading to learn how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms properly. We have you covered.

The Pros And Cons of Growing Penis Envy Mushrooms

Due to its potency and the weight of their fruiting bodies, Penis Envy Mushrooms are a dream for any magic mushroom cultivator. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to growing Penis Envy Mushrooms.


  • The most significant downside to Penis Envy Mushrooms is that they are one of the most difficult Psilocybe Cubensis varieties to cultivate.
  • Penis Envy Mushrooms also produce extremely few spores, perhaps owing to their morphological qualities. This indicates that just a few Penis Envy Mushrooms are required to gather sufficient spores for a valid spore print or syringe.
  • Because this genetic line has been purposely chosen, Penis Envy Mushrooms are less resistant to contamination. It is quite improbable that this species has survived in the wild, since it normally takes around 25 percent longer for species to invade and establish. Penis Envy Mushrooms have around half the pin rate of other species of magic mushrooms.
  • In addition, they need certain circumstances throughout the incubation phase. Instances of this include the inclusion of a casing layer and a substrate with a greater moisture content.


  • By taking the time to understand how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms, you will maximize the yield of your substrate. Varieties of Penis Envy often break away from the substrate considerably more easily than other strains. This convenience eliminates the need to destroy the casing or substrate while extracting a huge flush.
Grow penis envy mushrooms

These varieties may be grown, if poorly, on birthing cakes. You should notice that they are best suited for applications submitted in bulk. The growth parameters are identical to those of any Psilocybe Cubensis, however harvesting may be a little different. Unlike other strains, the Penis Envy Mushroom tops are not yet ready to be harvested when they lose their veil. After removing the veil from ripe mushrooms, a three- to five-day waiting time is advised.

Known Penis Envy Mushroom Strains That Can Be Grown

Do you need to know your past in order to understand your future?. Perhaps not necessarily. Observe the Penis Envy Mushroom strain! There are a number of recognized Penis Envy Mushroom strains that may be produced today, despite the fact that their ancestry remains a mystery. (Again, while complying by the law and depending on where you reside.) Beginning in the late 1970s with Stephen Pollock, several mycologists and genetics merchants isolated and crossed the Penis Envy strain’s culture. These tests generated various distinct subvariants, including:

  • Albino Penis Envy (Albino PF x Penis Envy cross)
  • Penis Envy #6 (a mutation)
  • Texas Penis Envy (Texas Orange Caps x Penis Envy cross)
  • Penis Envy Uncut (a mutation)
  • Trans Envy (Transkei x Penis Envy cross)
Growing Penis Envy Mushrooms

It’s crucial to remember that potency among all Penis Envy Mushroom strain varieties is consistently higher than all other Psilocybe Cubensis varieties. Below is a brief description of each:

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

this particular mushroom has the milky white coloration of the Albino PF variety, and its caps are sometimes tinged dark blue. Albino Penis Envy mushrooms are also smaller than Penis Envy mushrooms on average.

Penis Envy Uncut Mushrooms

said to be the most potent of all of the Penis Envy varieties, this strain has a couple of unique characteristics. With a distinct physical feature, the Penis Envy Uncut Mushroom Strain has caps that don’t open at all, even late in the fruiting bodies maturity. Additionally, caps are distinctly darker than the regular Penis Envy strain.

​Trans Envy Mushrooms

A variant isolated by a distributor of mushroom spores dubbed “Spores Lab.” They resemble Transkei Magic Mushrooms in appearance, with thin yellow-white stems and crowns of average size. Additionally, this variant is significantly weaker than other Penis Envy varieties.

The physical traits and potency of each mutation may vary somewhat, but Penis Envy strains are typically more powerful than other P. Cubensis types.

Similar to Golden Teachers Mushrooms, Penis Envy variations need more time to develop and mature than many other strains, resulting in a greater psilocybin dosage. In fact, certain Penis Envy varieties are two to three times as potent as other strains, therefore it is important to know which strain you are cultivating.

How Much Time It Takes To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

As with any growth process, the key to a positive experience is to appreciate each phase without expecting a precise timeframe. However, with enough planning and knowledge, you should be able to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms within two months. Due to the fact that everything depends on Mother Nature, there is no exact schedule for cultivating Penis Envy Mushrooms, however the following is an approximation:

  • Week 1: Spore inoculation to spore germination.
  • Week 2: Spore germination or inoculation to complete colonization of the substrate or cake.
  • Week 2 to 4: The start of the fruiting cycle, which can then take about two more weeks.
  • Week 4 to 6: Once the substrate or cakes turn a blue color, the mushroom fruiting is complete.

From inoculation through fruiting, the whole growth cycle for psilocybin mushroom spores takes four to six weeks. Remember that the quality and production of the final mushrooms rely on how effectively you monitored and managed the area’s temperature and humidity. You should have also been vigilant about insects and other pollutants.

If you have any growing expertise and an instinctive understanding of the biological cycles of mushrooms, you will be successful. These are essential variables for mushroom growth. Obviously, expertise is not required for success. Once you grasp the fundamentals of a mushroom’s life cycle and its requirements, you may establish a schedule for cultivating Penis Envy Mushrooms.

How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms Using Their Spores

As you learn how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms, you will discover that high-quality spore prints may be used for inoculation. This term refers to the powdery deposit created when Penis Envy spores land on a surface.

The challenge with Penis Envy variants and their spores is that their collecting is much more difficult. On average, less than five percent of Penis Envy Mushrooms release spores, limiting their availability. Alternatively, growers may harvest the spores by swabbing the gills of the mushrooms with a sterile Q-tip. Once spores have been gathered or purchased, the next step in learning how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms is to germinate them.

Penis Envy Mushrooms


Paper Rubbing Penis Envy Mushroom Spores:

Fold and rub Penis Envy Mushrooms spore-printed paper together. This action caused the spores to fall onto nutrient-rich agar substrate. (This approach is not optimal since dense populations of mushroom spores are often packed together, resulting in suboptimal outcomes.) As with tissue/agar cloning, the ideal method for germinating Penis Envy Mushrooms spores from a print is in a glove box on nutrified agar plates.

Scalpel And Streaking Penis Envy Mushroom Spores:

  • Sterilize a scalpel by passing it through a burning flame, then cooling it in the nutrified agar. This way the scalpel gets covered with a moist and adhesive layer for better Penis Envy mushrooms spores attachment.
  • Touch the spore print with the scalpel tip to collect the plentiful mushroom spores.
  • Streak the tip into an “S” pattern across the surface of the petri dish.
  • 5 to 15 days later, your spores (should) germinate according to the streaking pattern.
  • Colonies of germinating spores can then be subcultured into more Petri dishes.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Spores Syringe:

Cultivators can also use Penis Envy Mushrooms spores stored in solutions suspended in syringes and vials. These are where the spores are re-hydrated using sterile water and then used to inoculate the growing medium.

  • Start out by sterilizing your water and glass beaker, cover with foil.
  • Place the bottle in your pressure cooker and heat it until it reaches 15psi. Once it reaches the desired pressure, lower the temperature and maintain it for 30 minutes.
  • After the 30 minutes, turn off the heat completely and allow the water to cool to room temperature. If the water is still hot, there is a huge risk of killing the spores. It’s easiest to let the water sit overnight.
  • Once the water is cool (usually a few hours if not left overnight), sterilize the tweezers and scalpel in a flame.
  • Remove the foil, and with your tweezers, take the spore print from its storage and hold it over the opening of the beaker.
  • With the scalpel in hand, carefully scrape some of the spores into the water.
  • Fill the syringes instantly by placing the tip of the syringe in the water and pulling it to fill it up. It’s best to empty the syringe back into the beaker and repeat this process a couple of times. (This ensures a good spread of spores throughout the water.)
  • Now that you have a filled syringe, leave it at room temperature for 2 to 3 days to fully hydrate the Penis Envy Mushrooms spores.

The advantage of a Penis Envy Mushrooms spore syringe is a higher chance of the spores germinating by using the water to inoculate your chosen substrate.

Inoculation Is A Key Step In Learning How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

Inoculation is the next step after learning how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms using gathered or bought spores. Here, you will transfer the Penis Envy spores to your selected substrate in an effort to produce mycelium that thrives.

Penis Envy spores lack chlorophyll and hence do not need light for photosynthesis. For the nutrients necessary to germinate, they ingest decomposing organic waste such as leaves and animals. As each species of mushroom develops on distinct substrates, the best suitable material is determined by the species. Sawdust, straw, wooden plugs, and entire grains are examples of suitable substrate materials.

Although Penis Envy mushrooms may be cultivated on birthing cakes (although poorly), they are most effective when applied in bulk.

The spawn is created by combining the spores of the Penis Envy Mushrooms with the nutrients given by the suitable material; it is essential for the development of the mycelium. The mycelium is the fungus from which fruiting mushrooms develop.

When spawn is combined with a substrate, fruiting may be more robust and mushrooms can be more abundant. Penis Envy mushrooms develop and bear fruit more slowly than other members of their genus. This unique trait also enables the Penis Envy fruiting bodies to produce more psilocybin than strains that grow more quickly.

In addition, the Penis Envy variants have a tendency to be more easier to pluck off the substrate than other strains. This characteristic eliminates the need to destroy the casing or substrate while extracting a huge flush. Penis Envy Mushrooms have the same growth parameters as other P. Cubensis strains, although harvesting may be a little different.

How? Unlike other strains, the shattering of the Penis Envy Mushroom cap’s veil does not signify that they are ready to be harvested. Instead, it is advisable to wait at least 3 to 5 days after tearing the veil before harvesting.

How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms From A Grow Kit

By employing a psilocybin grow kit for growth, you might effectively avoid all the previously described alternatives and stages. To cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms, all you need is a mycelium substrate and a welcoming habitat.

The mycelium is just the fungus from which edible mushroom fruiting bodies develop. Since growing kits contain mycelium and a grow box, the procedure is simplified and made more easy. Everything is present, and growth is possible without spores. A Penis Envy Mushrooms grow kit typically consists of a substrate with live mycelium, a clear grow bag with an air filter, and two paper clips.

Utilizing a psilocybin grow kit provides advantages, since the transformation of mushroom spores into mycelium has already occurred in a sterile laboratory. Due to the kit’s frigid climate, the mycelium is in a dormant state and has not yet produced mushrooms.

However, there is still a possibility of contamination, inconsistency, and even counterfeit goods when utilizing growth kits. A recognized and renowned supplier of Penis Envy Mushrooms grow kits as well as the spores themselves (see our store for more information) is the greatest choice for harvest success.

Regardless of the approach you select to learn how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms, it is essential to appreciate the beautiful process that unfolds before your eyes! What other ways might you enjoy it?

Penis Envy Cultivation Terminology

As with each pastime or academic discipline, mushroom farming has its own jargon. The bulk of this vernacular is shared by the majority of mushroom species, despite considerable physical distinctions across species. The following terminology and phrases are helpful for mushroom cultivation:

Penis Envy Pins

There is nothing noteworthy to say about Penis Envy pins. The name “pins” is not exclusive to Penis Envy mushrooms; it is an abbreviation of “pinhead,” which is used by farmers to denote the smallest and earliest visible mushroom forms.

Penis Envy Blobs

A peculiar characteristic of Penis Envy is its propensity to produce “blobs” instead of pins when the mushrooms initially develop. Blobs are misshapen mushroom tissue fragments. Blobbing occurs more often in early flushes. Numerous cultivators have found success utilizing a casing layer to limit the emergence of blobs. However, the blobs themselves are not toxic and may be fairly strong, so there is no need for alarm: they are more of an aesthetic issue than a growth inhibitor.

Penis Envy Spores

Each mature mushroom cap of Penis Envy generates just a small number of spores, making it a unique fungus. Although spore syringes may be produced, the resultant prints are often quite pale. Growers may also utilize swabs to transfer spores straight from the mushrooms to sterile agar plates, and then begin their cultivation operation. Many jurisdictions presently permit the purchase of Penis Envy spores for use in microscopes. However, as stated before, cultivation is only decriminalized in some regions.

When To Harvest Penis Envy

As with other types of Psilocybe cubensis, the optimal moment to harvest Penis Envy is when the veil breaks. Though this is generally done to avoid mushroom caps from releasing spores all over the growing area, Penis Envy generates less spores than other types, so this may be less of an issue. As Penis Envy contains significantly smaller gills than other Psilocybe cubensis, it may need a sharp eye to see when the veil is going to break. Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms online

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